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Once an elephant stronghold, rampant poaching of elephants for ivory has decimated the population in Selous.

In less than 40 years, elephant numbers in Selous have plunged by 90 percent to only around 15, animals today. The team compiles a data sheet on the collared animal and collects elephant hair for DNA analysis. Helping rangers guard the remaining elephants from poaching is an essential step in rebuilding the population.

Tula Hatti : The Last Great Elephant

Satellite collars are a tried-and-tested tool for wildlife monitoring and will give rangers a leg up on poachers, allowing them to identify and respond to threats in real-time through mobile devices. Data collected through these collars also helps predict where the animals are moving in order to anticipate any dangers they may encounter.

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This includes alerting neighboring communities when the animals are heading towards their settlement to reduce human-elephant conflict. The first two elephants were collared last week at Mikumi National Park, and an additional 58 will be collared by November Poachers kill between 20, and 30, African elephants each year for their tusks, primarily to satisfy the demand for ivory products in Asia.

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Anti-poaching efforts, like this collaring, are critical to elephant conservation, but only when we stop consumer demand for ivory will we ensure a future for this majestic species. World Wildlife Fund 24th Street, N.

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Washington, DC The Great Elephant Census captured some of the last known footage of the tusker, and his loss mobilized the need for the census even further. By and early , more preliminary results were shared though behind the scenes, the data was still being validated by scientists and researchers.

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The results from Tanzania shook the world; a 60 percent decline since Meanwhile, beacons of hope were reported elsewhere. In Zambia, preliminary results were a mixed bag, with stable populations in two of the largest elephant landscapes and catastrophic decline in other areas.

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Reviewing the data in the field in Zambia. The results shocked the world.

Savanna elephant populations declined by 30 percent in seven years. The current rate of decline was 8 percent per year, primarily due to poaching. The rate of decline accelerated from , and the high number of elephant carcasses were discovered in protected areas, indicating that elephants were struggling to survive even in spaces that had some anti-poaching support.

Collaring elephants in one of Africa's last great wildernesses

Elephant population trends in GEC landscapes over the past ten years based on GEC data and comparable previous surveys methodology in Chase et al. At the IUCN conference where the results were revealed, the delegates passed a motion to call on countries to close their domestic ivory trades.

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  7. Then, the coup de grace, China and Hong Kong, the two largest ivory consumers in the world, with massive legal markets that provide cover for thousands of pounds of illegal ivory to filter in, agreed they would shut down the trade of all ivory. Elephant protection and management in Africa, ivory market shutdowns and crackdown on illegal trafficking abroad means the world is realizing that elephants are worth more alive.