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As I took my first step out of the cloud and let myself fall, I felt immensely cold. My adventure started the moment I left the cloud.

Zen Story: The Rock & The Raindrop

I felt the cold breeze rushing down me. The journey downwards was awesome as I saw the beautiful valleys far away. Suddenly, some other droplets joined me and formed a huge raindrop. I suddenly fell on a bird. When the bird flapped its wing, I zapped down. I saw a cute little girl happily playing in her yard, trying to catch the raindrops. I wished she could catch me and then I fell in her hands!

She was delighted to see me in her hands and closed her palm as she was so thrilled with her possession. Facebook Count. Twitter Share.

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How is it different showing at a store versus at a gallery or in a different space? It's totally different. There are clothes and there are materials in the store, and it's a very old building, so we cannot put anything on the walls or drill. There are these limitations. But at the same time, it's nice because it already creates a certain atmosphere—people want to be there. That's why we started working with transparent materials so that you can still look through it and can see people walking on the other side, see clothes on the other side.

It really emerges with the interior. You've collaborated with so many amazing people like Iris van Herpen and brands like Dom Perignon. Is there a collaboration you hope to accomplish in the future?

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I've started small projects already with an architectural company from the Netherlands. I would love to continue collaborating with architectural companies to bring natural forces into buildings and bring natural force into our daily life, especially with rain or with water. I like to work with different disciplines than my own discipline because it gives you different end results.

Journey of a Raindrop

It's a merge of different worlds to do something new. Going back to the journey of a raindrop, if you were a raindrop, where would you want to land if you were falling from the sky? I think in the canyons of Spain, in the Pyrenees.

That would be amazing.