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Commerce Department], which would provide money to the states to increase their participation. First, the training is grounded in an occupation, and it enables the student to earn a paycheck while they are in school. The apprenticeship [model] is a lot more responsive to the needs of those people who, for whatever reason, are not ready to go to a four-year college degree.

If you look at those countries where apprenticeship has a much firmer foothold, apprenticeships are viewed widely not as a second prize, but as one alternative pathway. In every other country that has a robust apprenticeship program, there is far more support for apprenticeship [measured in] dollar funding. Among the minority of U. And they are looking for ways to build a more deeply engaged and committed workforce.

One such company is Hypertherm, a Hanover, New Hampshire-based manufacturer of high-temperature metal cutting technologies. At the time, Hypertherm had about machines; and in another two years, anticipated that the size of its CNC shop was going to double. But the company had a staffing problem. The local training programs were educating students in a wide area of skills, but not at sufficient depth. For its part, Oberg Industries, based in Freeport, Pennsylvania, has been operating a registered apprenticeship program in advanced manufacturing for more than 40 years.

Our customers are some of your Fortune companies. When we say that our people are our competitive advantage, that is more than just a slogan for us. We sell the skill of our workforce. In spite of all their positive attributes, apprenticeship programs face significant challenges, not only when it comes to attracting employers but when it comes to attracting potential students. Culturally speaking, most parents [now] recommend that their kids go to college as the path to success.

That could happen. And it is possible that some government support could make it easier to train. If the labor market really gets tight again, that would be different. And there has to be a need for it. The labor gets tight and it really gets tricky to get the people they want, as at some point it will — and everybody is chasing the same trained people — then employers will turn to training. The problem is that they will scream like crazy along the way that there are alternatives.

For a lot of organizations, this is ideological, not empirical. They have to believe, to not have an ideological objection to it. Can kindness, love and a strong sense of community actually make you healthier and happier? Research says yes, according to author Kelli Harding. My wife, Esther, is Korean. Just kidding. So like that, but with meeting Korean parents.

No hand holding, hugging, kissing.

Markeriana by Roger Tailleur

I butcher it perfectly. It makes me feel less anxious to be close, plus we can leave together to meet her parents at the restaurant. NOT part of the plan. Should I hide in the bathroom stall? I instantly start sweating. The nervous poop monster pops up in my belly. My face is turning red for no reason.

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My hands start shaking. Why are my hands shaking? Stop shaking. She looks nervous too for some reason. Why is she nervous? Oh God. Her parents walk around the corner. Eagle has landed. You got this white boy.

Skiing humor: Fjolls til fjells?

I walk awkwardly fast toward them. Slow down what are you doing? This is a big moment.

I need to make a good first impression. She says hello. I say hello in Korean. Offensively bad. Her smile is like a hug. She skips a hand shake and hugs me. She holds my hand and keeps patting it and smiling at me. She was consoling me like I was a trauma victim. She asks about my mom. A man of few words.

I hug her mom goodbye. I begin regaining consciousness.

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I feel so loved and accepted. So laid back and gracious. We had dinner that evening and it was lovely. Lots of sitting silently and smiling. It felt like I was receiving a sword from the king. That was our conversation. Him giving me a pen. It was beautiful. The lesson I learned was that you should take as much advice as you can from others who know better than you, but be confident in yourself.

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Trust who you are. Some people are just born natural stand-up comedians. I was not one of those people. I was born funny, but not born a stand-up comedian. Very different. It was the day after my 21st birthday.

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  5. Just thinking about speaking in front of a crowd used to make me panic. So, duh, just throw a couple drinks in to get loosey-goosey.


    Booze confidence. I was living in Nashville for the summer. I Googled open mics in Nashville. Found a sports bar off the highway hosting an open mic. Tonight was the night. This was a solo journey. Not even actual jokes. Knowing I would need a drink before even walking into the bar, I prepare a mixed drink. Tequila and grape juice.

    I put it in a water bottle. Grape juice was all I had. The drive to the open mic is silent. No music. No talking to myself. Turn around. Nervous stomach ache. I pull into the sports bar.