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Visual Artist. Hot Girl Summer Is Over.

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Fat Bear Fall Is Here. Elect Elizabeth Warren President of Twitter. Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From What to Read in The Appointment that Changed Everything. An ex-boyfriend used to read this book to me at night before we went to sleep. I could follow along better when he read it, but he broke up with me around page and I had to finish it on my own; it nearly broke me, which seemed exactly right.

A Road Trip

Frank Baum. As far as I understand, Baum never intended to write fourteen books about Oz but he was broke and needed the money. In The Lost Princess of Oz , Ozma is stolen from her bedchamber and a search party sets out across the land to take on Ugu, an angry shoemaker-turned-magician. This novel published by Knopf is currently out of print. I found a copy at a used bookstore and it may be my best blind purchase ever. We were more than a family, Mom and I.

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We were a quality of landscape. We were like an MX missile, always moving but always exactly where we were supposed to be. Nine days after the towers fall, twenty-year-old St. Germain is told that his mother has been shot and killed, apparently at the hands of her fifth husband, Ray, who has taken the pickup and left town.

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Years later, having made a new life for himself in California but ultimately unable to move on, St. Germain journeys back to the scene of the crime—Tombstone, Arizona—where he confronts the people and places of his past.

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A state trooper named Sam picks her up and brings her home to his wife, where things go well, for a while. In this novel, Bomer explores the question of whether a woman can have it all and angers many female readers in the process. But her dreams are shattered when she finds herself pregnant with a third child. Ruling out an abortion, Sonia attempts to reconcile the impending birth with her feelings of frustration, but the lure of escape proves too strong.

click I read Nine Months on an airplane and it kept me thoroughly oblivious to the usual armrest struggles and the ceremonious unwrapping of smelly sandwiches, which is, of course, the height of praise. Burroughs, and especially Jack Kerouac himself as the narrator Sal Paradise. Rich businessman Charles Wang goes from having more money than he knows what to do with to losing his home, all but one of his cars, and his apparently tenuous grasp on the American Dream.

Call it reckless, call it insane, but at 22 years old Cheryl Strayed had a backpack and nothing tying her to home. With her mother recently deceased and her marriage wrecked, Cheryl jumped on the wildest impulse she had: a solo hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. Nobody said you had to be driving. This trip would drag her through extreme weather and past deadly creatures, from the Mojave Desert in California, to Oregon, and all the way up to Washington state. As the July heat rots Addie Bundren in her coffin, the members of an already dysfunctional family spiral further into their own distinct brands of madness, exposing the baseness, or even at times nobility, that lies beneath the flesh.

This hilariously written novel is a quick read filled great art, attitude, and quotable moments about female sexuality and wacky shenanigans. On the road, she lends a sympathetic ear to their woes and gently questions them about loved ones before knocking the innocent hitchhikers out with drugs and shipping her soon-to-be-processed food stock off to her home world.