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But forgive our sins, not because we deserve it but because you are a merciful Savior who paid for our sins with your own blood. Shower your grace on us, and keep us safe. Dear Jesus, this time of year kids of all ages graduate from kindergarten all the way to grad school. Graduation can be a time to reminisce. But graduation is also a time to look ahead toward the future—to the next step on our path to further education or that new job. You are preparing our future—a place in eternal paradise—for us, not because we deserve it, but because of the perfect life you lived for us and the suffering and death you endured in our place.

No matter what opportunities or challenges may be allowed to cross our path, thank you for the future you are willing to share with us. Give me peace Dear Jesus, you are the great physician of body and soul. You know the health problems I am experiencing. You know the fear I have inside as I see my body deteriorating. You know the guilt I am feeling over not taking better care of myself. I come to your cross for forgiveness and healing. Have mercy on me, for I am made of dust. Give me peace while I am dealing with these problems.

I trust in your unfailing love. Bear me up in your arms and keep me safe as I commit my life to you. Grant me relief Dear Jesus, you suffered great pain when you died for me on the cross. Help me in my pain. Look on me with mercy and grant me relief from these burdens. When the pain is more than I can bear, carry me. I thank you that you are a compassionate Savior who feels my pain as if it were your own. I thank you that you have been touched by my infirmities. Help me in my depression.

Revive my spirits. Lead me safely through this dark valley in my life. I commit my body and soul and all my cares into your nail-pierced hands. Be with me and grant me your peace.

LWML—Lutheran Women in Mission

Thank you for comfort and healing Dear Lord Jesus, during your earthly ministry there was no sickness you could not heal and no pain that you could not comfort. Even now it is you who gives comfort and healing to all who suffer. Let your loving hand rest upon all who are sick or injured. Let them know that no matter what problems they face, your power is made perfect in weakness.

Ease their pain, calm their fears, and encourage their faith with the promise of your grace. I can never hope to repay you. Help me to lead a life of love and joy, knowing that my actions will reflect the gratitude I feel. Fill us with love Lord, you created us to be people with emotions.

Understanding the Calling of God

With deep regret, we admit that Satan often takes those emotions and uses them for his purposes. Take away all of our frustration, anger, doubt, and bitterness, and fill us with love, peace, joy, and contentment. We pray in the name of Jesus. Loving others God, how can I ever thank you enough for all the blessings you give?

This day has again brought proof of your goodness. Trusting in your love, help me show the joy that I have because of what you have done for me.

Community Service | Youth Mission Trips | Group Mission Trips

Teach me to love others as you love me. Help me be more patient and alert to the needs of others, and always ready to serve them with the gifts you have given me.

In your name I pray. Help me love my neighbor Dear God, heavenly Father, the fruit of the Spirit is love. Please give me this very important Christian virtue. Help me appreciate the great love you have shown to me. Help me show that love in my life and actions. I love you because you first loved me.

1 Timothy 4:12 - Youth—Setting an Example - Bible Devotional

Help me love my neighbor, and think of others before I think of myself. Meal time prayers. For patience Lord Jesus, you promised to comfort those who mourn and to satisfy those who hunger. In time of trial remind me of your cross, where you endured the curse of my sin. When I am weak, teach me to depend on you for strength. At your own time, deliver me from suffering and distress.

Make us patient Dear God, heavenly Father, all too often we are quick to become frustrated and angry. Make us patient, ready to endure trials that come our way, knowing you will work things for our good. Make us patient, willing to continue, believing your promise that we can do great things for you.

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Make us patient, bearing with others in their weaknesses and sin, realizing that we too are sinful creatures. All blessings come to me because of your grace. Strengthen me to bear all disappointments with patience and trust in you alone. Teach us patience Dear Lord, teach us the value of patience and give us a calm and gentle spirit to remain patient, even when you are testing us.

Remind us that when you make us wait, when you teach us patience, it is to bless, strengthen, and refine us as your tools. Help us see that our patience under testing is a powerful witness to those around us who do not know Jesus. Make us strong to do your will. May we truly be thankful Heavenly Father, as we look around us, you have once again shown us all your blessings.

We thank you for taking the guilt, the curse, and the punishment for our sins. We thank you for your victory over the grave and all it brings to us. We thank you, Lord, for your perfect substitution. Now help us appreciate the blessings we have because of your death and resurrection. Help us demonstrate our thankfulness by our actions and service—not just our words. Help our actions direct others to you, their Savior. For humble gratitude God of grace, give me grace to view my present circumstance with humble gratitude. Teach me the secret of contentment. Keep me from murmuring against your will, and help me break the habit of envying the blessings others receive.

Give me the satisfaction that comes from being sure of having eternal life in Jesus. Thanks in being forgiven Thank you, Lord, for convincing us that our sins are forgiven and for letting us praise you today. Fill us with your love, and keep it bright throughout the coming week. Watch over us and our loved ones, and bless our work, rest, and activities in the days ahead. Times of Trouble. In time of need Lord God, you know our human weaknesses and frailties.

You know our needs and cares.

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We do not in any way deserve your help, Lord, but we truly need it. Therefore we come to you. Give us peace of mind, so that we may face the difficulties that now confront us. Strengthen our weak faith, lead us with your strong hand, and work things out so that they serve our eternal good. Deliver me Heavenly Father, you are my harbor of safety in the storms of life, my rock that I cling to for salvation, and my Redeemer who alone can save me from destruction.

Take notice of my need, and reach out your hand to save me from my hurts and afflicts.