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Pagan Ways Finding Your Spirituality in Nature by Gwydion O'Hara Information

Prices and offers may vary in store. Find out the truth about Paganism Discover how to get in touch with the subtle forces of nature Explore the role of the eight Pagan virtues: love, trust, balance, humility, learning, reincarnation, harmony, and tolerance Learn how to follow the Pagan calendar and keep the holidays Read how to build an altar Understand the tools used in magic Find out about the stages involved in becoming a Pagan Priestess or Priest Read about the history of Paganism, including the founders of the modern Craft movement Pagan Ways will give you the understanding and insight to make a firm decision about whether Paganism is the right path for you.

About The Author. Gwydion O'Hara is dedicated to the research, study, and practice of ancient folkways that survive today. For more than twenty years, he has looked for the practices of the people of the land, wherever they could be found and in whatever aspect they would present themselves. His studies have brought him in contact with others who hold Language: English.

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Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart. Age of the child I gave this to:. Hours of Play:. Some perform activities such as recycling or composting while others feel it to be more productive to try and support the earth spiritually. There is no consensus of beliefs but this rede provides a starting point for most people's interpretation of what is ethical. The first implies that it is good to do no harm but does not say that it is necessarily unethical to do so, the second implies that all forms of harm are unethical.

The second phrase is nearly impossible to follow. This shift occurred when trying to better adapt the phrase into modern English as well as to stress the "harmlessness" of Wiccans. The true nature of the rede simply implies that there is personal responsibility for your actions. You may do as you wish but there is a karma reaction from every action.

There are many other laws of practice that other groups follow. The Threefold Law is the belief that for all actions there is always a cause and effect. For every action taken either the good or ill intention will be returned to the action taker threefold.

This is why the Wiccan Rede is typically followed because of fear of the threefold return from that harmful action. She separates the term into three sections: courage, generosity and loyalty, or honesty, respect and responsibility. There is no evil force in Nature. All beings are connected by the earth and so all should be treated fairly.

Pagan Ways: Finding Your Spirituality in Nature

As such, we do not advocate or condone any acts that victimize others, including those proscribed by law. As one of our most widely accepted precepts is the Wiccan Rede's injunction to "harm none," we absolutely condemn the practices of child abuse, sexual abuse and any other form of abuse that does harm to the bodies, minds or spirits of the victims of such abuses.

We recognize and revere the divinity of Nature in our Mother the Earth, and we conduct our rites of worship in a manner that is ethical, compassionate and constitutionally protected. We neither acknowledge or worship the Christian devil, "Satan," who is not in our Pagan pantheons. We will not tolerate slander or libel against our Temples, clergy or Temple Assemblers and we are prepared to defend our civil rights with such legal action as we deem necessary and appropriate.

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Retrieved 20 March Retrieved 14 Mar Archived from the original on 4 March Retrieved 15 Mar Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 18 Mar Retrieved 18 March They do not need you to tell them How To Be Pagan. Believe it or not, most people have some degree of latent psychic ability. Magic happens, as does psychic phenomena. Many Pagan traditions follow a guideline that includes the idea of keeping silent. That means that when things happen to other minority groups - even those that are not Pagan - we should still be standing up for those other groups.

Often, those news stories are not about Pagans at all, but about Muslims, or Jews, or even atheists. Why are they relevant? Remember that old saying attributed to a German pastor, who was saddened by the failure of the intellectual community to speak out during the Nazi reign? Finally, they came for me, and there was no one left to speak. There are literally thousands of books and websites about modern Paganism. One of the things people typically find themselves asking is, "How do I know what books are reliable? As long as people keep buying books that are awful, or at the very least, academically suspect, the authors of these titles will continue to repackage and publish them.

Demand more. Become environmentally conscious and aware. Take care of the land on which you live.

Nature & Spirituality Around the World: Joseph P. Kauffman Interview

How many times have you caught yourself saying or thinking that? Are there ways you can save time, that you can then dedicate to your spiritual journey?