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This book is open access under a CC BY license. This book explores the impact that professional volunteers have on the low resource countries they choose to spend time in. Whilst individual volunteering may be of immediate benefit to individual patients, this intervention may have detrimental effects on local health systems; distorting labour markets, accentuating dependencies and creating opportunities for corruption. Improved volunteer deployment may avoid these risks and present opportunities for sustainable systems change.

The empirical research presented in this book stems from a specific volunteering intervention funded by the Tropical Health Education Trust and focused on improving maternal and newborn health in Uganda.

However, important opportunities exist for policy transfer to other contexts. She has been actively involved in high impact social research for many years with a focus on the mobilities of the highly skilled and knowledge mobilisation processes. For the past eight years, she has been actively applying this expertise to the specific context of professional voluntarism and its impact on maternal and newborn health in Uganda.

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His background is in Business, Economics and Management. He has been involved in managing Global Health related projects in Uganda and India for the past seven years, focusing primarily on professional volunteer deployment, staff exchanges, capacity building, infrastructure development and the management of UK student elective placements. Can imported Knowledge Change Systems? As you sit in the corner with your food and book, colleagues come into the room speaking of college.

They are discussing how expensive higher education is. Seems like the act of going all out this morning and the microaggressions have prevented you from picking this option. While Jesse raves about the great meal, your own stomach is in knots. When you reach home, you head straight to bed too tired to even say goodnight.

You go back to your book, but find it hard to focus and the comment stays with you all day. The back and forth continues on for a while. Well there are fewer opportunities for white people…. You head to the bathroom, splashing water on your face feeling exhausted and alone. You smile and start to help. You both turn in early. Jesse falls asleep almost immediately, but thinking about going to work tomorrow starts to fill you with anxiety. You lay in bed, each minute ticking closer and closer to "wake up time" and passing on a swelling wave of ever-encroaching dread. Recurrent intrusive thoughts about things people have said at work, and what might happen in the future keep you up.

Finally, you pass into a fitful sleep. Day after day it seems, people make comments and invalidate your expertise. A couple of hours pass, and you head to the Halloween work luncheon. And gasp. It hits you just how alone you are at work. None of your colleagues seem to have a problem with the costumes.

In fact, your supervisor comes over and puts his arm next to yours and exclaims that you match now. Why do you feel so helpless? Why can't you stop stressing out for five seconds?

You grab food and hurry back to your cubicle still distraught. The rest of the day passes in a daze.

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  7. You go into their office and begin to explain how it hurt you. Suddenly, you're crying, and unloading some of the microaggressions you have been experiencing throughout the job. They hear you out, and state next steps. You leave feeling drained, but relieved. You look down and notice that your hands are shaking. All of the previous incidents at work come rushing back. You haven't tried to speak up before.

    Mobile Professional Voluntarism and International Development

    Can you start now? You groan and hurriedly turn it off. The thought of going to work seems impossible. As you throw the covers over your head you realize just how relieved you are. Work has really been wearing you down lately. You walk to your desk and hunker down for some work. You roll your eyes and continue working.

    You just think it would be nice to leave religion out of the workplace. You get home and sink into the couch. It seems like ages ago. As you eat, you realize just how badly your job is starting to wear you down. After a while the conversation turns to work. Jesse excitedly talks about all the amazing things that have been happening at work. As you listen, you resolve to try and make things better at your own workplace. As you listen, despair at having to go back into the job day after day.

    Later that night, you find it impossible to fall asleep. Every time you close your eyes, you're overcome with anxious thoughts that wrap themselves around each other.

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    Worries about your job lead overwhelm you and you're unable to shake them off long enough to doze off. Your eyes won't even stay shut as your mind races through the various things that have happened at work. It is just not happening any time soon. Flipping through channels, you finally settle on some nature documentary.

    After what feels like lifetimes you finally fall asleep. You put on leggings and a tank and head to the gym. Afterward, you get a milkshake and sit in the park enjoying the weather.

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    You hear your name being called out and open your eyes and there is Sam your colleague from work! You smile and agree. As you try and explain your chronic illness again she mentions that one time she was sick for a while, but that diet and exercise made her totally better. The rest of the conversation passes without incident and you head home.

    The conversation ends soon after and you head home. Jesse helps get your medication and water, but it takes a long time before the pain subsides, and it leaves you exhausted. When your alarm goes off 4 hours later, you groggily turn it off and decide to do a half-day.

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    You wake up later tired, but feel slightly better and go into work. An older male coworker sees you walk in and jokes about coming in late because of a hangover. You sure are grumpy! You're excited but nervous because there is talk about a promotion and you and your colleague have both been gunning for it. And according to the rumor mill, it will be awarded today. Finally, you hear a bunch of colleagues planning a congratulatory happy hour for the promotion. It takes everything in you not to cry.