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Related titles. The Colour Of Magic. The Bear and The Nightingale. Good Omens. He first gained widespread attention for playing Gordie Lachance in Stand by Me , the film adaptation of Stephen King 's novella The Body which was originally published in 's Different Seasons. This became a recurring role later in the series.

Last Day on Mars by Kevin Emerson

A vocal group of Trekkies disliked his Star Trek character and, by extension, Wheaton himself. Wheaton commented about his critics in a interview for WebTalk Radio:. Later, I determined that the people who were really, really cruel — like the Usenet weenies — really are a statistically insignificant number of people. And I know, just over the years from people who've e-mailed me at my website and people who I've talked to since I started going to Star Trek conventions again in the last five years, that there are so many more people who really enjoyed everything about the show, including my performance, including the character.

Wheaton's notoriety among Star Trek fandom is covered in a number of web comics. For example, ArcaneTimes March 25, offers a sympathetic position; [12] Something Positive presents a range of opinions on the storyline Mike's Kid ; [13] and Abstruse Goose tries to distinguish between the character and the actor.

Wheaton played Joey Trotta in the action film Toy Soldiers After leaving Star Trek , he moved to Topeka, Kansas , to work for NewTek , where he helped to develop the Video Toaster doing product testing and quality control [15] [16] and later used his public profile to serve as a technology evangelist for the product. Afterward, he returned to Los Angeles, attended acting school for five years, and then re-entered the acting world.

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Wheaton has worked as a voice actor in animation, video games and audiobooks, beginning with the role of Martin Brisby in The Secret of NIMH at age He also appeared as himself in a skit on nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot 's album Final Boss attempting to be a rapper, whose rhymes only involved shellfish. Wheaton later collaborated with Frontalot on "Your Friend Wil", a track from the album Zero Day on the subject of what Wheaton calls "Wheaton's law": " don't be a dick ".

Wheaton has also narrated a number of bestselling audiobooks, mostly in the science-fiction and fantasy category, including Ready Player One by Ernest Cline Wheaton also exists in the novel's universe, described as being joint President, along with Cory Doctorow , of the virtual world Oasis, which is the setting for much of the book , "Armada" also by Cline, Redshirts by John Scalzi , "Fuzzy Nation" also by Scalzi, and books 6—10 of the Chronicles of Amber series by Roger Zelazny. Wheaton was a contestant on a episode of The Weakest Link featuring Star Trek actors attempting to win money for charity.

He has made guest appearances on the November 23, episode of the TV series Numb3rs , and the October 22, episode of the series Criminal Minds , and appeared in Internet presentations, including a cameo in a comedy sketch "Lock Out" for LoadingReadyRun [22] and a reprise of the same the following year, in CommodoreHustle 4 , and the May 30, episode of the Internet series Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show.

From , Wheaton appeared in seasons 3, 4, and 5 of the web series The Guild as Fawkes, the leader for a rival guild known as Axis of Anarchy.

He appeared as a fictionalized version of himself in several episodes of the sitcom The Big Bang Theory , starting in season 3, episode 4: " The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary " On the show, Wheaton behaves in comically petty and manipulative ways towards main character Sheldon Cooper , who regards him as an archenemy until the season 5 episode "The Russian Rocket Reaction", when they make amends and become friends.

Wheaton appears in 12 episodes in a recurring, guest-starring role on Eureka , playing Dr. In , Wheaton mentioned his love for the game of poker on his blog. The following year, he began writing more extensively about his poker-playing experiences, including stories about playing Texas hold 'em tournaments locally and in Las Vegas.

Eventually, he worked up to regular play, including a run at the World Poker Tour Championships. In June , he announced he would no longer be on Team Pokerstars due to changes in the US legal system that would cause poker sites to have to focus on European and Asian markets [35] and held a farewell Pokerstars tournament on June 5, , which he titled So Long and Thanks for All the Chips. The game was hosted and recorded by Wizards of the Coast with Chris Perkins as the dungeonmaster. Wheaton hosts the web series TableTop that he created with Felicia Day , in which he explains how to play various card, board, and dice games, then plays the game with celebrity guests.

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This web series has had over 4. Wheaton has spoken out against misogyny in video game culture , [46] [47] and wrote a profile of Anita Sarkeesian for the Time A fictionalized version of Wheaton was included in the comic book PS , in which he harbors the power of telekinesis.

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Wheaton has recorded several of his non-self-published books as downloadable audiobooks. He also released excerpts of Memories of The Future: Vol 1 as free podcasts. Wheaton runs his own blog , Wil Wheaton Dot Net. Between and late , he operated a message board, known as "The Soapbox " or " Paracosm ", as part of the blog site. He contributes regularly to the Los Angeles-based Metroblogging site. From January to October , he wrote a column for The A.

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Club about early video games, called "Games of Our Lives. In early , he founded the independent publishing company Monolith Press and released a memoir entitled Dancing Barefoot. Monolith Press was "founded on the idea that publication should not be limited by opportunity. Dancing Barefoot sold out three printings in four months.

In winter , Wheaton signed to publisher Tim O'Reilly with a three-book contract. O'Reilly acquired Dancing Barefoot , and published his extended memoirs, Just a Geek , in summer of He has since written about his bitterness regarding how the book was marketed, believing it was pitched as a Star Trek book when he intended it as more of a personal memoir. With the release of Sunken Treasure: Wil Wheaton's Hot Cocoa Box Sampler in February , instead of using traditional publishing, Wheaton decided to self-publish using Lulu Publishing , releasing paperback and digital copies, something he has continued to do with all his publications since.

As a chapbook , Sunken Treasure contains several small extracts of various different projects, including two short stories from Ficlets , an ACME comedy sketch, William's Tell and a Criminal Minds production diary. The production diary was later released as an audiobook.

Later that same year, Wheaton released Memories of the Future: Volume 1 , a humorous critique, as well as an account of Wheaton's own experiences with, and memories of, the first thirteen episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Closing up , Wheaton published a special edition of The Happiest Days of Our Lives , which also included an afterword by his son, Ryan.

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The book features 40 short stories, each by a different author, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars. Wheaton described himself as a liberal in Bush 's plan to suspend habeas corpus and to use torture : "Shame on President Bush. Shame on his Republican allies in Congress , and shame on the spineless, cowardly Democrats who did not stand up to them. Wheaton is a supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and has been involved with the organization since On August 24, , Wheaton gave the keynote address for the yearly Penny Arcade Expo , which was subsequently made available online.

Much of Wheaton's address focused on the debate over violence in video games. He supported Barack Obama in the United States presidential election , [76] and opposed Proposition 8 , calling it "nothing but hate and discrimination". In September , Wheaton announced that he was supporting Bernie Sanders ' bid to be the Democratic Party presidential candidate nominee. Immediately following the Sutherland Springs church shooting on November 5, , Wheaton on Twitter stated in response to Congressman Paul Ryan 's call for prayers for the victims that "The murdered victims were in a church.

If prayers did anything, they'd still be alive, you worthless sack of shit. Wheaton is an aficionado of computers, the internet, and technology in general. He enjoyed brewing his own beer at home , [88] and he collaborated with Fark creator Drew Curtis and Stone Brewing Co. Wheaton is also a major longtime fan of the Los Angeles Kings ice hockey team and can often be found at the Staples Center at both regular season and playoff games.

Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump

Wheaton lives with generalized anxiety disorder and chronic depression. He supports mental health nonprofit organizations in raising awareness for these conditions. Wheaton is an atheist. An asteroid was named after him: Wilwheaton.